My Favorite Cam Girl… EVER

I am definitely not a person that watches porn. Like. Ever.  One of the biggest reasons why is because I can never find a girl I truly find attractive.  Also, as if you can’t tell from my books lol my imagination runs high.  Between my creative mind and real life experiences, I never really felt the need for porn.  Haha. But now that I am single and I just want to do what I want to do, I started to watch these cam girls. There is one, in particular, I really love. If you go to these cam type sites you might already know her. This is the website.

There is just something about her that I absolutely love.  Is she beautiful?  Yep.  She is Russian supposedly and super hot. Does she have a nice body?  Sure does.  Everything about her is perrrfect lol.  From her breasts to her pussy to her lips and everything else in between. But, as a female digging a female, I just like her personality as well.  I know that’s a dumb thing to say, so I’ll blame it on being a girl.  She is just super cute and very rawr.  Mmm so hot!

Even if you don’t like her, you can still sign up under my link and just go watch whoever you want.  One of the coolest things (I think) about these websites is that there is something for everyone.  If you have a specific type – she (or he) is on there.  If you have a fetish, someone on there is doing it lol.  If you like a specific race, sex or ethnicity, you can find it.  Hell, if you like cougars, over the age of 60, who live in Canada and have a fetish for.. I don’t fucking know, bears – you can probably find that on this website lol.

Anyway, the website is pretty cool.  You can watch for free.  To “get” things you have to tip.  For example, for 444 tokens you get a custom vid.  To PM you have to tip.  To talk in chat you have to have tokens – even ONE token in your little bank on the site allows you to talk in the room.  Not all of the girls on the site have the same rules.  But, these are the rules for her page.  She also has a club you can join – the club allows you to get all sorts of benefits to her cam page, plus you get to PM her and you get Free access to locked pics & videos.

Just a forewarning that IS an affiliate link but I would love for you to join up under my link because I get free tokens and free tokens = more of the girl I love watching!  You can catch me over there usually in the morning.  She is on at “10 am” and I am on around 7 or 8 am EST.  My username is TheAuthor7 (go figure lol).  So if you catch me over there in her room chat me up.

****Chatroom To See Her At!!!!****

If she is online, that link above should go right to her page.  If not and it goes to the main page, she is not online.

By the way, in the same way, an Author such as myself HATES when people Pirate my books.  She doesn’t like it very much when people PIRATE her videos so make sure you don’t piss her off.  Don’t do screen shots for everyone else and their mother.  Keep them for yourself and your pleasure.  Don’t record the video for later.  Just buy one ffs.

Hope to see you over there.

~ K.R

P.S  More books coming soon.  I know.  I keep saying that.  But, hey, life happens and sometimes you get lost.  I just moved a few days ago so I am in a new beautiful place, in a new location and its amazing.  Need to unpack and then I will be back to write you guys a ton more books to enjoy.