My Apologies

I realize I sort of disappeared from my Twitter, Facebook and my website as well as ebooks. I just have been so busy with life and creating other forms of content, that I just sort of put Kiki stuff on the back burner. I do have four stories I did a rough draft on. I work on them every now and then, and I realize I need to start spending a little more time writing ON them so I can publish them in the next freaking century. I know it’s not incredibly professional to just disappear as I have, but I am sure everyone out there knows what that is like and JUST how busy life can get sometimes. Time just gets away from you. But, I should have more money and more time now to start concentrating on those above mentioned stories and hope to have them published either as 4 separate stories or one compilation. It depends on how long I can get them to be. Here is a little summary of what I am doing:

Story one is approx 29 pages and about 12,000 words
Story two is approx 11 pages and about 5,000 words
Story three is a continuance of 2 and 15 pages long / 6000 words
Story four is 15 pages and 3,000 words

Story 2 and 3 may just be one big book though instead of two separate books. If nothing else, I will simply combine all four stories and make one book. I also have been tossing around a few ideas about Lesbian Vampires and Paranormal. These are, of course, just ideas I have been bouncing around for now, and have no real basis and no actual words written down just yet.

I apologize again. I feel like I really let a lot of my fans down – people that gave me a chance without really knowing who the hell I am lol. I am an Indie Author after all so IF I can manage to get fans and followers, it should be of value. Not to say it’s not. It is, but it should be worth MORE to me.