Coming Soon – The Naughty Series

After officially giving up on memoirs #2 – it was simply not turning out how I wanted it to and was in turn starting to piss me off and waste my precious time, I decided to start doing a Naughty Series instead.  I already have the first book almost done.  It’s going to be about 60-75 pages long with about 3-4 stories in each book.

These are going to continue to be written until I have about 10 whole books each one with 3-4 stories in each book.  These will be available via for $2.99 each.  From what friends say lol these books and the stories in them are damn hot.  So definitely make sure you pick yourself up a copy – and if possible please leave a review.

Reviews, albeit public, are definitely a help to me because they allow people to see how much you enjoyed the book and it tends to make them want to purchase it as well.  Which is always a plus!  So if you get a chance, please do so.  That first book flew off the “shelf” in a few days!  I would love to see that happen with every single book I wrote, but the reviews are a definite help as well!