Oh, here is the cover!

If you have been following the blog or T or FB this picture probably looks familiar :o)  It was originally intended for Memoirs 2, but since that book is no longer in existence (for now), I decided I still loved the picture and would use it for this Series instead.  Here is the watermarked cover so you can have a look!

Long Time…. Coming (No pun intended)

I am just finishing up book #1 of the Naughty Series.  Just waiting on my e cover guy to finish the cover and then we will be good to go.  I promise next, time I will not make everyone wait a billion years to read the next book!  Please remember; if you like the book, consider leaving a positive review for me on Amazon or wherever you purchase it from.  I am now considering a few other websites to publish on. But, I do believe that will take some time for me to do.  Ill let you know when and if and where it will be available for purchase!


If you have been to my website in the past, you can see I finally decided to make the change and fix my website.  I loved the colors and design on the old website, but the blog was just becoming too much of a pain in the ass and that is definitely not WordPress’ intentions.  Anyway, for the next few days, please bear with me while I reconfigure everything and get everything sorted out.  Thanks!

Kiki Rose