New Books Available!

As of right now, Naughty Nanny is free on Amazon, Naughty Therapist and Just Friends is available on Amazon.  Please remember, you do not NEED a Kindle to download my ebooks.  You simply need to download the FREE Kindle app on almost any device (tablets, smartphones and PCs and laptops) and then download my ebooks and you can read them everywhere and anywhere you like.  I have another one that will be published in the next few days.  I already have the cover finished, so I just need to complete the ending. Right now I am at 27 pages long.

I also have a 3 pack available on Amazon, but of course it’s being fussy and not showing up.  As soon as it does, Ill post it in the store on this site.

Free eBook Today May 29th – June 2nd

One of my eBooks is for free today May 29th til June 2nd.  You can find it right on Amazon and you don’t even need to own a Kindle Device to download it.  You can download it to virtually any computer, smartphone or tablet device for FREE.  Please also check out my other ebooks as well.  There will be three new editions in the next few days pending on Amazon’s Publishing time.

naughty (1)

Book #1 Short Story

As soon as Amazon accepts my eBook, it will be available on Amazon.  This usually only takes about 12 hours.  I will send out a notification when this happens.  It’s a short story, but pretty sexy and hot.  How could it not be!  I will also be putting these books on my web store as well with a link to Amazon so be on the look out for that as well.  Book #1 (title hidden for now) is about 29 pages long.  Enjoy!

~ K

Still At It….

While I am still writing my Naughty Series, I thought I would go ahead and take a break from them and write a few quick books.  They are only going to be about 3000 to 5000, but I think you are really going to love them.  Super sexy and lot’s of lesbian sex.  What’s not to love?!?!  See ya soon!


My Apologies

I realize I sort of disappeared from my Twitter, Facebook and my website as well as ebooks. I just have been so busy with life and creating other forms of content, that I just sort of put Kiki stuff on the back burner. I do have four stories I did a rough draft on. I work on them every now and then, and I realize I need to start spending a little more time writing ON them so I can publish them in the next freaking century. I know it’s not incredibly professional to just disappear as I have, but I am sure everyone out there knows what that is like and JUST how busy life can get sometimes. Time just gets away from you. But, I should have more money and more time now to start concentrating on those above mentioned stories and hope to have them published either as 4 separate stories or one compilation. It depends on how long I can get them to be. Here is a little summary of what I am doing:

Story one is approx 29 pages and about 12,000 words
Story two is approx 11 pages and about 5,000 words
Story three is a continuance of 2 and 15 pages long / 6000 words
Story four is 15 pages and 3,000 words

Story 2 and 3 may just be one big book though instead of two separate books. If nothing else, I will simply combine all four stories and make one book. I also have been tossing around a few ideas about Lesbian Vampires and Paranormal. These are, of course, just ideas I have been bouncing around for now, and have no real basis and no actual words written down just yet.

I apologize again. I feel like I really let a lot of my fans down – people that gave me a chance without really knowing who the hell I am lol. I am an Indie Author after all so IF I can manage to get fans and followers, it should be of value. Not to say it’s not. It is, but it should be worth MORE to me.

Almost Finished!

I apologize for my lack of publishing.  I guess I tend to feel a little self conscious sometimes when writing.  I want to make it GOOD for the people reading it, but I don’t want there to be a lot of fluff because for me, that is not what a good book entails.  If you are a friend on Facebook or Twitter you may have saw the post I just made.  If not, I have finished the book and the cover, but I feel it’s a tad too short.  So I would like to add another story to the mix so that everyone enjoys the book, but also feels like they got what they wanted out of it.

I have many many many other ideas for my Naughty Series, so I should start to churn those out quite regularly.  I am still working on a few other ideas as well such as a romance and a mystery, but these are going to be quite long so it’s going to take me a little more time.  As always, your patience is appreciated.  Thanks for staying in touch with me on FB and Twitter as well as reading my posts on here!

I really want to get TNS out.. NOW!  Give me a few more days and I will see where I am then.  Right now it’s 51 pages long and about 19,000 words long.  Much longer than Memoirs.  But, these stories are much different than Memoirs!  Memoirs was more of an inside look at my life.  TNS is going to be a bunch of fiction stories with a touch of Kiki in them.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.