Experiencing Difficulties On KikiRose.com

For the most part, I tend to be a very creative person that can come up with all sorts of ideas and creative ways “around things.”  But from day 1, on this website, one of my biggest issues has always been lack of content in the blog itself.  Books shmooks.  I could write a million.  But blogs?  On a lesbian erotica website?

What in the hell am I supposed to write about?

As a business person, I know how important a blog is, how important content is, and more importantly, how important SEO is.  Without these 3 things, you tend to not get as many eyes to your site and therefore make less sales.

Since the start of the new year I have been trying to figure out what to write on this blog!  I think, ultimately, what I will end up writing is relevant blogs about lesbianism, sex toys, lesbian and gay-friendly vacations, or whatever else comes to my mind.  Essentially this is a lesbian erotica blog, but its also a lesbian erotica blog run by a lesbian author.  So really in the end, anything I write, as long as its relevant, should be good!

I really just want to put more focus on this website and the blog overall.

Ill also think about changing the website around to make it a little more user-friendly on your end but also user-friendly and SEO friendly on my end.

New Site Set Up

I think I almost have my new website ready – this website is going to be for people that want to be added to my Premium members list.  Its a website separate from this website because unfortunately I could not get it to set up the way I wanted it set up.  But, that’s okay!  Anyway, I probably need another week to get it together and ready, but once I do Ill post the link here, Twitter, Facebook, etc and let everyone know.  I am planning on having one free story posted on the website once a day, so hopefully that works out.

You will have two ways to be a Premium member, but Ill explain all of that later on.

You Don’t Need A Kindle To Read My Books!!!!!!!!!

A lot of people are under the assumption that you HAVE to own a Kindle in order to download and purchase my eBooks.  But, thankfully the world of the Internet has allowed you to download any of my eBooks anywhere you want!  A list of the “devices” you can use to buy and download my eBooks can be found below!


– Read Kindle eBooks directly in your browser by going here: https://read.amazon.com/

– Read on Smartphones like: iPhone and iPod, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

– Read on computers: Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista

– Read on Tablets:  iPad, Android Tablet and Windows 8


If you need more information on these devices, you can do so here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771


Buy Once, Read Everywhere: You don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books. Download one of our free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer. That means with our free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. And of course, you can also read that same Kindle book on a Kindle device if you own one.

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Still Here….

I know it seems like I have disappeared, but I can assure you I am still here writing.  I decided it was best (for me) to publish a few books at a time rather than one at a time.  But, you can still purchase my ebooks on Amazon and perhaps a few other places in the future if Amazon does not pan out.  Just remember that you do NOT need to have a Kindle to download my books.  I know most of the male gender out there won’t even bother to read that line (get your hand out of your pants!), but Ill say it again just the same.

This is the page you can find out where you can download my ebooks.

The list goes on and on and includes:
iPod Touch
Windows Phone
Windows 8 and below
Android Tablet
Windows 8 Tablet

:o)  So go download them and have some fun!


New Books Available!

As of right now, Naughty Nanny is free on Amazon, Naughty Therapist and Just Friends is available on Amazon.  Please remember, you do not NEED a Kindle to download my ebooks.  You simply need to download the FREE Kindle app on almost any device (tablets, smartphones and PCs and laptops) and then download my ebooks and you can read them everywhere and anywhere you like.  I have another one that will be published in the next few days.  I already have the cover finished, so I just need to complete the ending. Right now I am at 27 pages long.

I also have a 3 pack available on Amazon, but of course it’s being fussy and not showing up.  As soon as it does, Ill post it in the store on this site.

Still At It….

While I am still writing my Naughty Series, I thought I would go ahead and take a break from them and write a few quick books.  They are only going to be about 3000 to 5000, but I think you are really going to love them.  Super sexy and lot’s of lesbian sex.  What’s not to love?!?!  See ya soon!


Almost Finished!

I apologize for my lack of publishing.  I guess I tend to feel a little self conscious sometimes when writing.  I want to make it GOOD for the people reading it, but I don’t want there to be a lot of fluff because for me, that is not what a good book entails.  If you are a friend on Facebook or Twitter you may have saw the post I just made.  If not, I have finished the book and the cover, but I feel it’s a tad too short.  So I would like to add another story to the mix so that everyone enjoys the book, but also feels like they got what they wanted out of it.

I have many many many other ideas for my Naughty Series, so I should start to churn those out quite regularly.  I am still working on a few other ideas as well such as a romance and a mystery, but these are going to be quite long so it’s going to take me a little more time.  As always, your patience is appreciated.  Thanks for staying in touch with me on FB and Twitter as well as reading my posts on here!

I really want to get TNS out.. NOW!  Give me a few more days and I will see where I am then.  Right now it’s 51 pages long and about 19,000 words long.  Much longer than Memoirs.  But, these stories are much different than Memoirs!  Memoirs was more of an inside look at my life.  TNS is going to be a bunch of fiction stories with a touch of Kiki in them.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Coming Soon – The Naughty Series

After officially giving up on memoirs #2 – it was simply not turning out how I wanted it to and was in turn starting to piss me off and waste my precious time, I decided to start doing a Naughty Series instead.  I already have the first book almost done.  It’s going to be about 60-75 pages long with about 3-4 stories in each book.

These are going to continue to be written until I have about 10 whole books each one with 3-4 stories in each book.  These will be available via Amazon.com for $2.99 each.  From what friends say lol these books and the stories in them are damn hot.  So definitely make sure you pick yourself up a copy – and if possible please leave a review.

Reviews, albeit public, are definitely a help to me because they allow people to see how much you enjoyed the book and it tends to make them want to purchase it as well.  Which is always a plus!  So if you get a chance, please do so.  That first book flew off the “shelf” in a few days!  I would love to see that happen with every single book I wrote, but the reviews are a definite help as well!


Well, what do you think?

I know people don’t necessarily like to leave comments 🙂  But, I would like to know your input on the site design, colors, headers, etc.  So by all means, please leave some comments (real ones, not spam!) and let me know.  The fix was much easier than anticipated, but then again I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Also, I added an easier way to get to my twitter and facebook – it’s the little floaty boxes on the right hand side of the page.  Please follow me on both twitter and facebook.