My Favorite Lesbian Movies

I quite literally have an entire collection of my favorite lesbian movies right on my DVD shelf. Its maybe not as big as it should be, but I have everything I really love, right there, whenever I want to watch them. These are just a few of the ones I love and own.

Desert Hearts

I don’t know what it is about this movie, but I love it! Neither of the women are incredibly attractive, the film is sort of old and grainy, but something about the love affair that happens between them, just does something for me lol.

Summary: It’s 1959, and New York English professor Vivian Bell (Helen Shaver, The Color Of Money) has come to Reno for a quickie divorce. Staying at a dude ranch, she meets the proprietor’s stepdaughter, the sexy casino change-girl Cay Rivvers (Patricia Charbonneau, Kiss The Sky). Despite their differences, sparks fly as free-spirited Cay introduces strait-laced Vivian to the wild-west casino scene and the haunting beauty of the desert. No one is angrier than the dude ranch proprietor (Audra Lindley, Three’s Company). And no one is more surprised than the beautiful-but-repressed Vivian when the friendship evolves into unexpected, hot passion. Desert Hearts pulses with a 50’s country western soundtrack featuring Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Patti Page, Johnny Ray, Elvis Presley and more.

Its super freaking corny and I love it!

Better Than Chocolate

I have always listed this as one of my favorite lesbian movies and I probably always will. I have easily watched this 3 dozen times and never get sick of it.

Summary: Many lesbian movies are long on charm and short on production values; Better Than Chocolate has a solid dose of both and steamy sex scenes to boot. Our heroine Maggie (Karyn Dwyer), a clerk at a lesbian bookstore, meets footloose butch Kim (Christina Cox) and, after Kim’s van is towed away, they move in together. Unfortunately for their romantic bliss, Maggie’s mother, Lila (Wendy Crewson), and teenage brother move in that very evening thanks to Lila’s impending divorce. But what really complicates matters is that Maggie can’t bring herself to come out to her mother; even when she tries, Lila steamrolls through the conversation, like she knows what’s coming and doesn’t want to hear it. Interwoven with this is the struggle of Judy (Peter Outerbridge), a male-to-female transsexual who’s in love with the bookstore’s owner, Frances (Ann-Marie MacDonald), who’s freaking out because customs officers are holding a list of books at the border that they claim are obscene.

Imagine Me and You

Another one I have watched a zillion times. I just love it. Its so perfect and cute. While it doesn’t have as many sex scenes as the 2 above, it does have a lot of sexual tension – which I sort of love in a movie.

Summary: Rachel is a blushing bride whose perfect nuptials take a surprising turn at the altar. An innocent glance between Rachel and an unexpected wedding guest is all it takes to spark a ‘love at first sight’ romance with a surprising twist – the object of Rachel’s affection is a smart and sensuous… woman!

Kiss Me

Its funny watching a movie like this. I liked it right off the bat but it took a few watches for me to actually relate to and like the women in this movie. By the way! Its in another language but thankfully there are subtitles for English. After about the 15th time lol you don’t even need the subtitles anymore because you know every word. Superb movie.

Summary: A sensual, romantic drama about how love appears in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times! Mia and Frida, both in their thirties, meet for the first time at their parents engagement party. Mia s father, Lasse, is about marry Frida s mother, Elizabeth, which will make Mia and Frida stepsisters. Lasse s daughter, Mia, has not visited her father in years and arrives with her fiancé Tim. As Mia and Frida get to know one another, strong emotions begin to stir between them. Their relationship will turn everything upside down for everyone close to them with dramatic consequences.

Elena Undone

This one kind of surprised me. The fact that I thought I saw and knew all the lesbian movies out there was kind of ridiculous on my part. This one is from 2011 and I never saw it up until last year, but I am glad I sought it out. It features Traci Dinwiddie – who is actually in more movies than you would think, including another lesbian movie that just recently came out in 2015 called Raven’s Touch.

Summary: From Nicole Conn, director of the lesbian classic CLAIRE OF THE MOON. Elegant and refined Elena (Necar Zadegan, TV s 24, The Event) is a devoted wife to her pastor husband, mother to her teenage son, and daughter to her traditional Indian family. When she meets lesbian writer Peyton (ravishingly beautiful Traci Dinwiddie, TV s Supernatural ) Elena is confronted with intense, unexpected feelings for a woman and their relationship evolves into a passionate romance. Charming, funny and poignant as well as smoldering and sensual!

Below Her Mouth

I remember when this came out in 2016 and I tried looking for it everywhere. Then, it was on Google Play but they took it off for the USA – I guess it was just too sexual. Then I finally just went and bought it. Best. Movie. Ever. For those of you thinking “Blue is The Warmest Color” had a lot of sex scenes; think again. This movie has the most and the best and the realest sex scenes. While I am all about love, I also love sex so this one did it for me without a doubt.

It might take a little while for you to get used to the characters – they are 2 very different people, but that’s kind of what I liked about it. Its not the same old same old. Its showing you that 2 different people who barely know each other can have this heat between each other that simply.. wont go away.

This one is definitely worth purchasing.

Summary: Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is a successful fashion editor living with her fiancé, Rile. On a night out in the city with her best friend, she meets Dallas (Erika Linder), a roofer recently out of a relationship. Surprised by the confidence with which Dallas pursues her, Jasmine turns Dallas down – but can’t get her out of her head. When Jasmine finally succumbs to Dallas’s advances, the two women embark on a steamy affair that forces her to reevaluate her life.