About Kiki Rose

Although new faces of lesbian erotica pop up all the time, claiming to bring new and revolutionary sagas of female romance to the genre, there is one lesbian adult content source who continues to be a consistent and trusted name – author Kiki Rose. The tales of girl on girl love and female sex crafted by Rose represent the best in the field.

Kiki Rose Erotica is second to none in terms of portraying actual GLBT themes and the stories go far beyond merely talking explicitly about girl on girl sex. Instead, these stories are truly artistic lesbian romance sagas. There are undoubtedly plenty of depictions of lesbian sex to keep all readers engaged and fascinated, with a broad range of topics and characters.

Everything that you have come to know and love about lesbian erotica, such as first loves and covert affairs, are represented in Rose’s stories. But these tales of lesbian love are far from tired and stale; there are many new and exciting twists and turns to keep you turning the pages even if you are already an avid fan of the genre. These girl on girl tales are far from above average and are enjoyable for all.